Online verification of qualifications

This is a free online service to assist in verifying academic qualifications issued by QUT or a predecessor institution. You can access the facility by completing the declaration below.

Using the service

The facility allows you to search our database for graduates with a matching last (family) name and date of birth. A successful search will confirm the graduate's qualification and the date of conferral. No other information can be released without authorisation. Where a graduate has qualified for an award but has not had it conferred, verification will not be given without authorisation and payment of the prescribed fee of $30.

If you are unable to verify an academic qualification on this website, you should complete and submit the Verification of Qualification (VQ) request form indicating your preferred method of payment. Please allow five working days for your request to be processed.

Please note: Generally a successful online records search will indicate the major that appeared on the graduate's parchment. However this will not always be possible. Where a major is not displayed you can verify this information by completing the VQ form.

Digital qualifications

We'll also issue the following digital official documents to graduating students through My eQuals:

  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS) from December 2018
  • parchments from September 2019.

These students will be able to provide their digital official documents for verification of qualifications.

More information on digital official documents

Scope of the online service

QUT is unable to provide the free online service without the graduate/student's authorisation in the following instances:

  • Verification of course completion where the student has completed course requirements but an award has not yet been conferred
  • Verification of qualifications where the student has not yet completed their course requirements.

The university is also unable to provide the free online service for:

  • Verification of qualifications of graduands from QUT's antecedent institutions (eg Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education, North Brisbane College of Advanced Education etc).

In the above instances you should complete and submit the VQ form indicating your preferred method of payment. Please allow five working days for your request to be processed.

Access the online verification service

Complete this declaration
I have read and understood the following:
  • I understand that the only information QUT can provide without the graduate's authorisation is verification of the award of an academic qualification. All other requests must be accompanied by authorisation and the University is under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to disclose the information.
  • I understand that the service is not free in all instances.
  • I understand that QUT cannot always guarantee a search return and that I might have to apply by submitting a Verification of Qualification (VQ) form.